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Pekle Africa is an online marketing brand focused on helping startup businesses to grow into sustainable brands, gain visibility online, increase sales, build a powerful platform online (website), brand their company to recognition, build winning marketing content and also provide coaching, mentorship and consulting services to individual and corporate brands.

Our Services:

Learn, Create & Leverage.


One of the major things you need to build a solid reputable business online is "Branding"; and we'll be happy to walk you through the process.

Web design

Every business online is valued by their asset list). Your business online cannot have an asset without a website; and this we can as well help you with.


Oftentimes, majority of the people who try building a legit business online fail even before they get started. Reasons: They lack basic skills.

what we do:

Brand. Position. Design.

This is our foundation:

Get the very secrets that I used in growing my business online and achieved tremendous financial success in less than a year.

All you need is to find out the exact steps that I took and also implement same. A lot of folks lose money here online because of their wrong mentality towards money doing a business.


Influence. Dominate. Lead

This is our foundation:

To help people to build legit, profitable, scalable and sustainable business online.

To promote businesses online; and as a result, keeping them relevant in the minds of their visitors/ audience not minding the tough competition in the online market place today. There is more and I’m willing to show you. Other things we do also includes:

To offer quality products, services; giving great value as well through our trainings; thereby improving personal development and financial freedom to enable you INFLUENCE DOMINATE and LEAD your world in this era of technology

Our Jobs

Expertise, Aesthetics & Class

When it comes to job delivery, you can count on us. What exactly do you care about? Branding, Facebook Ads, E-cover designs, website creation, digital marketing, Landing page/ or Copywriting, we’ve got you covered.

You Need Three (3) Things to Kick-start Your Business

To build and sustain a successful brand/ business online, you must give some serious consideration to the three things listed below; and the good news is: you’ll find them here:

1. A good product. 2. A place to sell it (Platform). 3. Who to sell it to (Audience)

If you miss any of this, you will struggle so much to make it.

What Would You Like Us to Help You With?

Click on the button below to find a list of job options that Pekle Africa can handle for you at the most cheapest rates available anywhere in the world. When it comes to pricing, we don’t comprise our quality in view of our affordable costs. We place our integrity far above any amount of money. This is the core values upon which our brand is built!

What Would You Like to Learn?

Click on the button below to find a list of skills that you can learn from Pekle Africa to help you increase the earning capacity of your existing business, create a real 6-figure generating business, gain visibility and trust online, build a personal brand online, advertise like a professional, own your personal platform online and get your voice heard!

Listen to My Podcast:

Go With the Tide

Get the very secrets that I used to grow my business online and achieved tremendous financial success in less than a year.

Customer Review

We understand that customers are the life-blood of every business whether online or  offline. Take it away and every business dies naturally before you know it.

Owing to these very reasons, we decided to create a very special room for our clients. 

Top among our prioties is: Listening to them (to understand their situation).

Being able to also deliver our promises to them; and lastly, being there to solve their every need.

Dynamic Victoria

"It's been an amazing experience working with Pekle Africa. What I find most interesting is the relationship we share. It goes way deeper than just business.”

DJ Eli

"Ever since I started working with Pekle Africa, I have been able to grow my brand and business tremendously. I recommend PA to any business that really wants to increase sales as well as grow their brand.”

Joy D.

"What else do I say? Thank you Pekle Africa for lifting my business from where it was to where I actually wanted it to be within a very short frame of time. Thanks once more for always being there.”

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Weekly Sales
Patience Ekle

I will teach you how to build your brand/ business, make it visible online, become an authority in your industry/ niche-market, convert your services into products and sell like a boss. 

You don’t need to make your marketing appear spammy or too ‘salesy’, there’s also a way to everything, if you don’t know it, you’ll struggle but I’ll show you that in Pekle Academy.

Patience Ekle

Founder, Pekle Africa.

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