(a.). Internet Marketing Foundations

In today’s world, conventional/ traditional marketing models have lost their relevance just as box television sets gave way to plasma, LCD etc.

Internet marketing has come to stay; and if you’re yet to understand how this whole stuff works, then you’re yet to understand the driving force behind modern business systems; and this is the very reason why you’re here now.

Having an internet business or taking your already existing brand online starts with building a website; and without a functional website powered by a high-converting sales funnel (for profits), you don’t have a real business online.

You’re only hustling… this is the plain truth.

I will assume that you have a website; yes… then if that statement holds true for you, how will you make your Web campaigns count? This is the next major headache.

This basic course explains the ways in which Internet marketing can be more measurable, targeted, and cost-effective, than print, radio, and TV ads which appears to be fading away too fast.

You’ll explore the critical issue of how to identify and attract your target audience through thematic, language, technology, and even color choices.

You’ll also learn the importance of an expansive Web presence that includes social media.

(b). Content Strategy and Email Marketing

I’m sure by now you must have heard the saying: “Content is King”?

If your answer to that question is yes, then you’ll agree with me that having a content strategy is key to any site’s success.

This part of the training explores the important role of Web content. You’ll look at how to develop and cycle content to attract visitors to your site and ways of sharing content with partners; and develop functional/ proven strategies based on some internet marketing timeless principles for harnessing user-generated content.

Finally, you’ll learn more about ways to promote fresh content through email marketing campaigns.

Major topic to consider will include:

• List Building

• Mastering the art of crafting campaign

• Content scheduling appropriately

• Crafting Hypnotic subject lines

• Understanding wining business models

COST- N30,000.00


(a). Search Engine Optimization

There’s over a billion users on the Web, but does anyone even in Nigeria, know you’re there?

What about your family members and friends? Do they even know you have a business or what kind of business it is that you’re doing? I’m sure your guess is as good as mine?

Hence, this part of the training focuses more on search engine optimization (SEO), the art of making your site’s pages to rank well on top search engines such as Google, yahoo, bing, yandex etc.

You’ll learn also the major dos and don’ts of site optimization and explore current trends for getting noticed on searches.

An overview of search engine technologies, HTML meta tags, tips for structuring your page design, and how the submission process works will prepare you for quality SEO.

(b). Social Media and Community Building

Every successful online business must be evidenced by building and developing a strong sense of community around their brands, and much of this stems from their social media presence (this is what makes up likeability, social proof, authority and brand equity; and these you must use as “result marketing” tools whenever you’re set to sell online).

This part of the training will examine how to integrate social media into your marketing campaign. You’ll explore specific platforms like Facebook fan pages, Twitter accounts, blogs, and niche social networks.

Ways to build internal communities will also be discussed, with a focus on features like message boards and service chat.

Finally, creative ideas for working with business partners will also be examined.

COST- N40,000.00


(a). Managing Social Presence and Advertising

Once you establish your social presence online, how do you maintain it?

This is the N20,000,000 question that readily begs for answers in the mind of every young or inexperienced entrepreneur online.

So this part of the training offers you a practical orientation to today’s social environment.

You’ll learn tips and tools for cutting down on the amount of time you spend maintaining various accounts, and you’ll learn how to generate community content versus mere buzz.

You’ll also gain insight into strategies for converting negative feedback into brand loyalty through case studies and practical advice.

You will also learn how to build, grow and monetize your influence online through advertising online.

(b). Lead Conversion, Sales, and Other Metrics

How do you measure the success of your Web presence?

No Internet marketing strategy is complete without some well-defined success metrics and a sales/lead conversion plan.
Therefore, in this part of the training, we’ll focus more on obtaining and interpreting site visitor metrics, including a look at social media analytics and other stuffs like:

Looking at creative ideas and technological solutions for increasing lead conversion and sales.

Lead collection software, creating your products/ services for monetization, exploring several other opportunities; and to transform your website/ blog into an ATM.

COST- N60,000.00

Note: Each of these programs above gives you access to our:

• Free online mentorship program/ support for 6-months.

• Cutting-edge, industry-standard marketing software.

• Nigeria’s top internet marketing super-book “THE SECRET ONLINE SALES CODE” at half the original price.

• Connect with other top industry players.

Any of these program is guaranteed to set you on your part to success online as an entrepreneur.

Training period for each program is 2-weeks, for the three (3) programs is six (6) weeks in total.

For those who already made payments, arrangement is underway for the commencement of your program.

The Adsense and Adword monetization program is N20,000 for those who are interested and it’s a 7-day program.

Please for enrollment into any of the categories above, send us your details via PRIVATE CHAT  in this format:

Name: Chibuike Ibrahim Akinsoye
Sex: Male/ or female
Email: chibubuikeibrahimakisoye@whatever.com
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-Patience Ekle