Recognizing Your Passion And/ Genius Zone.

To appropriately comprehend anything, we should have the capacity to define and characterize them. So what is ‘PASSION’?

Passion as indicated by Wikipedia is essentially “A feeling of intense enthusiasm towards a convincing desire for somebody or something”.

What is your “Genius Zone” or ‘Zone of Genius’? This is something that easily falls into place for you; something you accomplish easily.

It depends on your passion most of all, then raw abilities, strengths, qualities and identity type. Once you find it, at that point, the next thing you should do is to interface it all together with different abilities and aptitudes that will improve it; by so doing, you’ll start seeing the light as a business person/ entrepreneur.

With the end goal to recognize your passion and Genius zone (or zone of Genius as many people would incline), you’ll be required to have four noteworthy things; and they are:

· Hunger for disclosure of self

· The will to become

· The diligence to continue in your journey and ‘the pursuit’

· Vison of a guarantee which just your inner being can see

A standout amongst the most important ingredient that will shape the environment/ workshop whereupon you’ll test a several interests to find which one genuinely suits your persona the most is ‘time’.

Each individual is ‘multi-capable’ and blessed tremendously in different ways and structures; fear is what represses a considerable measure of people from finding their true potentials, actual possibilities and who they truly are.

A few people will find these endowments, gifts and capacities very right on time in life however at that point comes the genuine Demon!The powerlessness to deal with one’s gifting; or spotlight on the most noticeably apparent and compensating few.

Hence, for every ability, these three things are required;

1. Mastery- This will require the accompanying two.

2. Repetition- With this consistency is fabricated.

3. Innovation- With this comes a dash of uniqueness/ singular mark.

Consequently to accomplish mastery over a particular ability, you will be required to apply reliably what you definitely know to work and simultaneously, it turns out to be very much refined; these are subject to the one major, immensely vital factor called ‘time’.

Time causes you to repeat the procedure; with an unfaltering confirmation backed  up by results that come what may, you will definitely get to your desired goal so far you’re reliable and consistent in that which you do.

So what are the central point that you need to consider if you must discover your true passion in order to enable you to settle on the best choice in this enterprising/ entrepreneurial journey to self-revelation, satisfaction, joy and achievement?

· Perception- Who do you say to yourself that you are?

· Break free- From your self-limiting chains and nlock your creative genius.

· Kill the self-defeating voices, capitalize on them for profit

· Differentiate among Hobby and a Profitable Passion

· Get a shield, Hide under it

· Bury all evidence about your old self

At the point when individuals advice you to follow and pursue your passion, it clearly implies you’re not doing what’s necessary. You can be very determined and hardworking however, your concentration is wrongly directed to a field where you should not be working in.

In case you’re certain of what you’re doing, nothing can push your focus away or change your direction. But the truth is:  for you to be strong and very engaged that way, you have to recognize and know what you’re doing and furthermore have a reasonable knowledge of where it will lead.

So for those of us that are yet to get it right in our enterprising/ entrepreneurial  adventure, the under-listed steps underneath will assist you with doing only just that.

Perception: Who do you always say to yourself that you are?

How you see things matters a great deal. The individuals who are excellent in their chosen field of endeavor see things differently that is the reason they are achieving uncommon results and outcomes every time without fail.

Have the ‘I canuplifting state of mind towards all that you wish to do. Begin see things uniquely/ differently from today and perceive how your world will start changing. Trust that you can do what you adore with your life.

Encircle and surround yourself with individuals who are already living your dream in this field of undertaking where you’re yet to record success and accomplishment in.

Get out of your tiny, little circle and stop wasting your time with those who have chosen to stamp themselves with small, unsatisfying, uninspiring stuffs. The universe is too huge. Start exploring ‘You’. Make friends with the individuals who are achieving more everyday.

Break free from your chains-Explore your creative genius.

Realizing that you’re passionate about something is one thing,  choosing to go for your passion is a entirely extraordinary ball game. The fearful can’t do that, neither can the powerless/ or weak.

Immediately you’ve established the fact that there’s an extraordinary requirement for you to accomplish more, and that your passion is discoverable, this is the place the supernatural occurrence for amazing change in an individual begins.

At that point next thing you should do afterwards is to look for traces or proof of what you as of now love to do (not outside of you, but within you); now, silence and extraordinary reasoning/ meditation is required. The most effective method to that evidence or proof isn’t hard in any way. If you search inwards, all through your life, there are these couple of things that you want to do so much in such a way that you’ve constantly done them even when you don’t get paid for doing them- now if you can recollect one of those, at that point that is it for you. That is the missing connection you’re so searching for.

Slaughter the foolish self-defeating voices, exploit them for profit.

Now in your career/ profession, your most prominent enemy will be your own self. Entertaining I presume? Nobody understands you better than yourself (with the exception of God, that is for the individuals who have confidence in His reality. However; Yes… I have faith in God too).

On majority of the occasions, your mind will echo those self-restricting minor voices through your head; capitalizing on your fears, limitations, mistakes, inadequacies and failures. You will commit a grave mistake in the event that you give a listening ear to any of those horse crap. You will murder your career/ profession on the off chance that you consider any of those.

You will never accomplish your potential in the event that you tune in to any of the above mentioned; rather search for the fear beneath the fear, kill it and utilize it as a springboard to progress.

Your success is covered up in that fear. A lot other times, the fear and limitations could come from friends, parents, family members, relatives, associates, guardians, schoolmates, or even the nation or town or family where you were born into and so forth. These are individuals who knows you too well. If you must go far, then separate yourself and get focused and engaged.


Differentiate between a hobby and profitable passion.

There’s an extraordinary misdirection that happens right in the middle of a habby and a profitable passion. You’re so in love with both that you can do them for a very long time even without getting paid. You’ll notice this in some inspiring musicians, or footballers who have been in the field for more than 15-30 years and still hoping to ‘blow‘ some day. in the not so distant future. I’m not saying it’s silly to keep the expectation and dream alive; but to do so , you must need to eat first. It’s an almost negligible difference of trickiness there.

So that is the place my next question is coming from: What do you cherish doing that gets you paid?  Who are the general population that these solutions are intended for? Also, for what reason would they pay you for your solution?

Making money takes a conscious effort. To carve a niche for yourself in business, you should be deliberate, calculative, armed with relevant knowledge, directed and well-focused.

For you to succeed in business and turn out to be extremely excellent at what you do, you have to get practical; make sure you can build a career/profession out of what you’re doing in the most shortest possible time; and be serious about it. Understand that your Passion is simply fun, yet transforming it into ‘work’ requires an approach quite different from “what you love to do” to “what you most have to do.”When you understand this, you will start to develop in various areas of your chosen career and life since you’ll endeavor to enhance day by day and turned out to be better in other to address difficulties and requests in our quick evolving world.

Get a shield, hide under it

When you locate that ‘missing connection/s’, they’ll seem dismantled, raw and won’t normally fit. The picture will be hazy. For instance, you might want to be a graphic designer online, you’ll notice that somehow you have a flair for writting and putting words and images into right viewpoints, you’ll likewise notice you’re in love with colours, sketching and outlining. You’ll also discover you’re a crazy admirer/ lover of arts and nature. At that point the question is: ‘How would you turned an expert/ a professional in graphic artist? Do you need to be self-taught? Get a diploma in it, learn online, do some type of apprenticeship or even get a degree for it? This is the where the problem lies.

So it’s a great opportunity to stop playing games and be a little more objective. So now, you’ll require a canopy. An image to model your mental picture after. A mentor/ coach you admire their work to build yours. Go beyond the ‘missing connection’ and get your image clearer by doing the following:

How do your mentor create value and solve issues for their niche market/ audience?  When you find that, compare it and what other achieved experts are also doing and go for a common ‘unifying ground’ where you can fit all your missing connections to one central point of view.

That is your oil well; it’s your ‘flow station‘ without it, nothing happens! You can be so skilled and undiscovered if you fail to implement this in your life. So the responsibility to be and accomplish more is 100% reliant on you.


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Choosing Your Niche/ Buying Audience

According to Collins English Dictionary: A Niche/ Buying audience in marketing is a specific area of marketing which has its own particular requirements, customers, and products.

In business, there are several kinds of Niches/ buying audience that one can venture into. But for the benefit of this article, I’ll be focusing this discussion to online marketing.

In online/ Internet marketing, we have several kinds of niches/ buying audience of which chief among them are:

. Mini-importation

. Sexual enhancement

. Love & relationship

. Weight loss, health &

. Digital products (ebooks,
audio, videos, podcasts).

. Software as a service

. Affiliate Marketing

. Membership platforms
(especially for paid
Courses and coaching)

.  Forums


These are different markets that one can comfortably find a niche/ buying audience within in the online market place. In the convention/ offline market, small companies and brands can do extremely well if they can fill a specific market niche.

 What is Niche Marketing/ Buying audience?

This is the practice of dividing the market into specializedareas for which particular products are made.

Once you discover your niche market/ buying audience, you stick to it. Even in the offline market, you cannot operate a pharmaceutical shop and a restaurant under one business name and under the same roof (I mean in the same shop).

You must define what you are selling and don’t divert focus else you’ll appear highly unprofessional and confused.

So, how do you define your own niche/ buying audience?

Some people know exactly what their niche/ buying audience is whereas others don’t; and if you’re in this class tonight, this is one of the very reasons why you’re here now.

Finding one’s niche/ buying audience can be a little bit more of hardwork for a lot more people (to discover exactly what space you’re trying to fill, what value you’re providing with your product or service, and identifying who your target audience is).

Finding your niche/ buying audience in online marketing is the first step to making money online. In it, you’ll discover yourself and your innate abilities.

The best niches/ buying audience that you can discover are those that aligns well with your personality. If you build a market on that, your business will grow with you as you increase in knowledge.

This is a very important step towards building and growing a successful business online.

What is a Niche market?

Often business owners view a niche market as narrowing their sales or cutting into a profit margin, so they fear it. The truth is: A niche market could be defined as a component that gives your business “power”. A niche market allows you to define who you are marketing to; this is just the plain truth.

What does it mean to find a niche?

One finds a niche when they discover a place where they fit in properly and feel comfortable with the situation there.

A writer can find a niche in writing romance novels, an entrepreneur can find a niche in “niche blogging” writing ebooks, selling organic products for men’s sexual health, developing a coaching website for computer programmers etc

What is a niche for a business?

This is a small but profitable segment of a market suitable for focused attention by a marketer. Market niches do not exist by themselves: note this, but are created by identifying needs or wants that are not being addressed by competitors, and by offering products that satisfy them.

What is a niche strategy?

This is a marketing approach for goods or services with features that appeal to a particular minority market subgroup. A typical product marketed using a niche strategy will be easily distinguished from other products, and it will also be produced and sold for specialized uses within its corresponding niche market.

How to carefully choose your niche

By now I’m sure you understand why it’s highly necessary for you to choose a niche?

Let’s see how we can help you find which niche is right for you based on your interests and the demand in the market.

The first thing you need to do now is to make a list of all the major ideas you have for your intended business. Just write them down like a mere draft now. Consider the following questions, they’ll help you brainstorm fast:

What niches are you fascinated the more about?

What are your biggest passions and interests as a person?

What are your hobbies?

What business do you love the most and would love to venture into if you have your way?

Do you have any previous work experience that could potentially turn into a business?

Write down your answers to all of these and let’s narrow down the whole stuff to get a specific direction for your intended business.

The next thing is to pick your top five (5) niches. Focus on the ideas you would most enjoy as a business, one that truly aligns with who you’re and what you can do easily. These lines of niches never fails. You must be passionate about it. If you intend building a real business, I’ll advice you to do this.

After picking your top five (5), you have to examine them closely and determine what their profit potential looks like. To set up your business online, the two key things you need to do is find a good niche that you’re very passionate about, find out its profit potential by researching online how lucrative it is.

Check also few people who are already into it online. Ask questions if need be (one of the major benefits of working online is that you can connect to just about anybody anywhere in the world; no matter how high or low they may be).

How do you narrow down to that one winning, powerful niche that is right just for you?

This is what you must do, you must run a search for each of the independent topics that you listed out during your brainstorming period.


Follow the under-listed steps:

Do a Google search of all keywords related to your niche. First of all, run a search on the broad topic, then break it down to the narrowest level of it.

Eg, I want to sell Viagra as an organic product on my website.

What I need to do should be to go straight to google and enter “Health” as a keyword which is a very broad niche on its own and will most likely come back with millions of search result to show that it is highly dominated.

If I decide to go ahead and set up a blog or web presence on a niche called health, there’s a very high possibility that my business will never be found online.

So what do I do in this case?

I will take the next step forward by streamlining my search to men’s health, then from men’s health down to men’s sexual health, then to men’s sexual enhancement, from there to men’s sexual enhancement drugs, and then to men’s top 10 organic sexual enhancement drugs/ supplements (that is if Viagra is an organic stuff). I don’t know much about it because I’ve never sold one.

Also make use of “Google AdWords Keyword planner”.

It’s 100% free

Although you need to sign up for “Google AdWords” first before you can use it.

Run your search in there for any niche at all after you’ve narrowed them down.

Any niche that gives you above 10,000 searches per month for your main keyword search and 50,000 for other related butspecific keywords, then it means it has a high profit potential and you can go for it.

Another way you can also be sure you’re on the right track is to go straight to

search for related niche or the kind of products you intend to sell. If you find thousands of result from the search, it simply means you’re on track.

After all this process Boom! You’re there with your perfect niche.


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