Steps to Building your Busness, Monetizing your Skills and Digital Content.

Below are the practical step by step ways to Building your Busness, Monetizing your Skills and Digital Content.

STEP 1: Go straight to (just in case you don’t have a gmail account).

Create your email/ gmail account using your MAIN PHONE NUMBER (not the one you’ll change today or tomorrow).

The phone number will control all your accounts online. So I would prefer you use an MTN line for this as they appear to be more stable for establishing your business online here in Nigeria.

STEP 2: Choose your preferred domain name for your business.

Click here: to secure your domain with a .com extension for N3,400 or a extension for N1,000 (respectively) to purchase your domain name.

STEP 3: Go to your gmail account, log in via your chrome or Firefox browser to create your account (with this, you’ll begin to create and monetize your visual content online as well as learn any new skills).

STEP 4: Once you’re done creating your gmail, YouTube, domain & hosting accounts, inbox me to get your verified AdSense account with which you’ll start receiving payment from

STEP 5: Immediately you’re done with all of these, for some of you who can’t afford our fees, these are things you’ll need to learn on

1. How to create a WordPress website.

2. How to do affiliate marketing with your website.

3. How to make money reselling domains & hosting.

4. How to make money from online coaching.

5. How to make money running web agency online.

6. How to make money selling digital product online.

7. How to get prospects online and market your networking business professionally.

8. How to make Money selling organic products online.

9. How to make money online offering financial services online.

10. How to make money on as a writer.

11. How to make money selling on Facebook.

12. How to building your brand online and start making money immediately.

If you still can’t find your way around it after everything, then you might have to signup for a crash course with us to lead you exactly by the hand to avoid errors.

NOTE: Please, do not ever watch the training videos on directly please.

They eat data like horse eats corn.

A simple YouTube video of just 21minutes of about 720pixels can gulp 1.2GB of data within 15mins.

So what must you do?

This is exactly what you need to do:

Once you’ve seen your preferred video of whatever it is that you need to learn, then right-click on the very video (if you’re using a PC) to copy the Video URL ; but if you’re using mobile, you need to click on the video, then look up the URL slot on your web browser and copy the Video URL

Then go to: and paste the URL. Then click on convert. Step down the video to 460 or 360 pixels and hit DOWNLOAD.

I guess we’ll have to draw the curtain here.

You can aways reach me on my facebook profile (Patience Ekle), facebook page or group ( Pekle Academy). You can as well private chat me if you have any challenges.

Patience Ekle


Thank you for connecting with me, for this I’m deeply grateful.My name is Patience Ekle. I’m the Founder- Pekle Africa Brand ( as well as #Pekle ‘Online’ Academy; a Business Consultant, Brand Commuication Expert, Digital/ Social Media Marketing Strategist, & Writer. I’m a full-time online entrepreneur with passion focused around delivering key skills to young people on “How To Make Money Online”, build ‘Authority’ online; and master how to create winning products from their individual skills and abilities. Join my study group here if you’re concerned about growth and making some meaningful connections:

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