You Don’t Need a University Degree to be Talented and Successful

For you to be successful and utilize your talent, you must have to make a conscious decision to succeed every inch of the way with or without a university degree

Success is a function of the mind; and the express will of the man.

If the recent news about top blue chip global IT companies like google etc; is anything to go by, then imagine what will happen in a decade from now. What does this trend tell you? Time for certificates are gradually wearing off.

Education is good no doubt (and please don’t get me wrong on this one); but the truth is: Is the type of education we have here worth the struggle? Is it result-oriented? After going through the four walls of the university, do you sometimes feel a major sense emptiness which usually drives you to go get a skill?

So painful you might say but then that’s the harsh reality around here and several other countries in the world. So how can you avoid getting into this trap in the first place or getting out of it in case you’re neck deep into it already?

1. If you’re still in school, make provision to go learn a skill you love dearly. By so doing you’ll be able to achieve your dreams by making money and affecting your generation positively because right now as you can see in our world today with or without a certificate you can attain any great height with your skill and great idea and very importantly you don’t have to depend on the economy or government for any job.

That is why you can see Entrepreneurs making great moves and affecting lives

2. If you’re out of the university and in desperate search for a job, go and learn a skill and build a business for yourself. Being a graduate should be an added advantage for you to be able to learn that skill of your choice where your interest lies and build a great business out of it because of the the knowledge and experience you must have gathered from higher institution and before you know it, you won’t be desperate for any job again why because by then you’ll be making double of that salary you were expecting from merely securing a job.

Secondly because you’ll see it as a waste of time to work for someone else considering the amount of money you’re earning now working for yourself.

That is another major reason why grades doesn’t really matter anymore rather the great ideas and skills now matter because it solely depends on what you can personally offer as a solution to solve problems. Not the grades given to you from school. And that’s why you now see the A students in school then are now working for the C students.

3. If you’re out of the university and already working, then devise a means to start making more money by setting up a system to help you earn lots of passive income.

Since you’re already working then that is the more reason why you need other sources of income because the money you’re earning as salary will not and never be a enough for you neither will it be able to acquire and help you achieve all your dreams and aspirations in life.

Why am I saying all this?

The reason is very simple, as a worker who is receiving salary, your employer is making ten times (10×) the amount he/ she is paying you monthly. For instance if your employer pays you 100k monthly, that employer is making 1m from you monthly. And the moment you’re not producing such amount of money again, you’ll definitely be laid off the job no matter the nature of the job because it’s the employers business and he/ she can’t be doing business without making profit.

In all of this, you can see that to be talented, successful and accomplish your dreams doesn’t necessarily depend on a university degree.

Note: Google is not stupid to make that decision to start employing some super-talented non-graduates.

Watch as other top global brands follow suit. There currently are more 15 global brands at the moment that have also adopted this move.
Don’t allow the absence of a certificate to stop you from achieving greatness.

Think about this!

Patience Ekle
Pekle Africa


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