How To Identify Some Embarassing Problems And Providing Solutions To Them

You don’t necessarily need to become another Jeff Bezos or Mark Zuckerberg before you pull your first million online or before you can identify some embarassing problems and provide solutions to them

Even as a novice you can!

In the past 2weeks, we’ve done close to half a million naira in sales using just 5 different WhatsApp groups.

But you never knew that the app WHATSAPP = MONEY

Some of us are 24-hrs on Instagram snapping and uploading pictures and videos…yet under 21 Kylie Jenner is now a Billionaire in dollars selling just make-ups on Instagram.

You don’t need that shop or N1,000,000 In capital.

Those are never your problems.

And never the reasons you’re yet to start a business.

Your problem is that you didn’t know that the world moved on to an entirely different level in technology in the past decade.

So, how can you start making at least cool, legit N100K per month on your own as a beginner?

Ans: IDENTIFY SOME EMBARRASSING PROBLEMS and provide solution to them.

Someone here might even be a teacher receiving N25K per month as salary.

Yet, there are countless uneducated Nigerian adults whose immediate need is just how to read and write.

Yet the teacher manages to buy data and off he/she blows it off watching irrelevant YouTube videos or scrolling through pictures on Facebook (which could be another potential dream killer if unchecked) and watching funny videos; whereas he can start a multimillion naira training program with same data on same Facebook and YouTube.

The keyword there is Problem, the second thing you need to pay rapt attention to is the term “Embarrassing”

If you can identify people’s EMBARRASSING needs (problems), you will easily SELL TO THEIR EMOTION and  smile all the way to the bank consistently.

So this very idea brings us to the next step.

How do you figure out what people need (What is their most pressing problem)?

Forget it! Even when you find out exactly what they need, they will not buy from you simply because you brought to them exactly what they needed at that point.

Human beings are naturally wired toREJECT SALES

Even you yourself that is listening to me now inclusive Lolzz…

So you must understand the psychology of sales and understand how to use those words that kills CLIENT REJECTION flat-out!

A man’s Ego, is like his pride.

Very true!

That makes him to always want to dominate in and out of his domain.

But assuming a man can no longer get it up?

I mean he suddenly develops weak erection. Or comes down with low sperm count?

That is a very disappointing and disgraceful situation (Don’t you think so? I would say it’s an embarrassing problem).

Sometimes, I feel that some men must have killed a woman in order to protect such a secret (just saying though).

Every man will pay a fortune to make his “gear” (phallus) functional.

So that is a highly embarrassing problem…no need stressing this further just to establish that point.

What if you have a drug, food supplement, a TV series or a book that properly addresses that, won’t you grab with both hands?

It’s a great need.

What about mouth odour?

Funny enough, most people who go through this situation are never aware that their mouth stinks…true! And when they eventually do find out, they’ll usually go all the way to find a lasting solution to the problem.

Prior to finding a solution, immediately someone courageous enough calls them privately to break the news to them, you’ll see them start having sleepless nights.

This kind of situation, no one will be willing to discuss it with anybody.


So if anyone anywhere develops a solution for such to sell, you’ll see people trooping in secretly in search for such solution.

YouTube is about the biggest “unofficial” university and library today.

The amount of information out there is staggering.

But let me blow your mind now.

There are people earning over $80,000-$100,000 dollars per annum from their YouTube video channel alone.

Websites are no longer a place people go just to contact you.

Owing a website in today’s world is equivalent to doing real estate business.

The traffic you have determines how much you make.


The answer is very simple

Google monopolised over 80% of the overall  global mobile market.

You may ask How and Why?

The answer is simple. There’s an app on your phone called “Googleplay store (if you’re an Android user).

It’s majorly for android users
Not IOS.

So, Google made it mandatory for all mobile phone manufactures to make sure that their devices comes pre-installed with googleplay store in other for such devices to be google play compliant.

What this simply means is this; if your phone as a manufacturer sells for N120K but can’t access google browser or chrome, can’t allow users to download app on playstore, then such a phone is completely useless.

And should not be sold above N2000 because it’s simply a “Nokia torch”.

So back to the YouTube monetization.

You have Bollywood TV, you have Iroko TV, You have Ibaka TV etc in YouTube.

True or false?

Are you aware that these internet TV channels pays millions of Naira to marketers and movie producers here in Nigeria on weekly basis?

Now, let me ask please, where are those millions of Naira paid to these people coming from?

It’s from the same google and YouTube that both all of us go to download or watch movies.

The same google that you use to browse and argue political matters all day.

Hey! Listen up my friends, the

INTERNET is the real gold mine.

Hey! Listen up my friends, the INTERNET is the real

Emmanuella and Mark Angel had nothing.

They knew nobody

They had no previous works

But with just some shabbily done, common comedy clips, the duo went international.

Not just that, they are financially stable!

There’s a product you have.

There’s a skill you have.

There’s something you do better than everyone else.

There’s a way you can speak that no one can.

When you appear on the scene, everywhere lights up naturally.

You can solve mathematics like chike Obi

You have the voice of an Angel

You are a crazy fashion designer.

You can teach like no other.


“You are the solution to somebody’s problem”

Turn that skill and gifting into a business.

You have goods stocked but no means to sell it.

Talk to me privately to guide or build a legit business for you.

I and my team are ready to  train you.

We’ll work with you from start to completion with 6-months support.

-Patience Ekle,

Pekle Africa


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