List of Proven Business you can do Online and How to Start.

Today, I’ll be taking us through some of the key stuffs we’ve shared in our whatsapp training group for some time now and how we can apply them in practical terms in our ‘everyday’ life and business.

My name as you know is Patience Ekle.
Some time ago we shared a very vital information that was meant for every single member of the group (especially some of the group members who are somewhat low on capital) to start up their business online almost at a ‘zero cost‘.
True, not everyone can afford our premium service.

It’s also true that our program is not also for everyone.

But the essence of these free classes and tips given is to help especially those of us who are very low on funds to at least be able to access something tangible enough to set them on their journey to starting a reasonable business online.

Having said that, I believe most of us must have secured a domain name and probably hosting.

A lot more at this point can also say for sure what it means to run a business online.

However, I will be listing out some sure, proven businesses you can start doing online from tomorrow (except you feel you might have a need for us to help you setup or give you an in-depth training via any of our premium classes.

Pay rapt attention to this!

List of proven businesses you can do online & how to start

1. Book publishing
2. Agency (for web/ brand dev.)
3. News publishing
4. Online Radio
5. Internet TV/ video publishing
6. Online store
7. Advertising agency
8. Estate consultancy
9. A&R
10. Accessories (for men & women)
11. Software as a service
12. Coaching services
13. Counselling.

14. Graphic design

15. Branding (using the internet as a tool)
I6. Copy writing
17. Sales page design/ setup
18. Email marketing/ server         configuration
19. Affiliate Marketing
20. Web design
21. Freelancing
22. Unique content creation
23. Digital product creation & Marketing
24. Online Advertising/ Marketing
25. Webinar
26. Marketing/ Training slides
27. Live presentation & Training
28. Sales Funnel Design
29. Planning
30. Sales Process Mastery
31. SEO

…and many more that I can’t mention here.

Do not be afraid maybe because you have no personal product to sell or a trade able skill to exchange for money.

There are companies and individuals with some amazing products looking for someone to help them sell; sometimes you can make as much as 50% on commission from such deals.
It doesn’t really matter whether you’re deep or shallow in experience. All that is required is that willingness and drive to start.

Today, I really like to talk with every single one of you reading this right now ( one-on- one) First to cast away all your fears and misconceptions about online  business.

I also once got it wrong. I made some good money but the platform was just faulty.

So what am I saying exactly?

I’m simply saying that MAKING MONEY ONLINE is real.

But our problem here in Nigeria is this: WE ALL GOT IT WRONG from the very beginning.

What we thought ONLINE BUSINESS was isn’t exactly what it is. Understanding this will mark the beginning of your success in the industry just as it did for me and every single professional industry player out there.

If only some of us know how much the information marketing industry in Nigeria alone is worth, we would focus and turn our knowledge, passion and interests in pure gold.

That knowledge you have is MONEY.
This is what we simply teach people how to SELL and rake in some CRAZY PROFITS from doing just that.

For those who want to go the easy way, you can sell physical products.
It doesn’t take rocket science. It is not that difficult.

All you need is the right information on how to start then get the right tools as well; of which the WhatsApp that you’re using to communicate is one.

A functional WhatsApp group alone that is well directed can earn you as much as N300,000 every month. You bank this money quietly without making noise about teaching what you know or selling some quality items.

A good friend of mine is a master of WhatsApp marketing making about 300-400K monthly from his 10 whatsapp groups.

I have another friend selling just ladies jewelries on Instagram and her monthly profits is crazy.

And another selling beauty products on Facebook and Instagram alone; she also makes a killing online.

I can count on and on and on; but why am I saying this? The answer is very simple. I WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT IT’S POSSIBLE, and it truly works.

I’m a living witness. Look around you, go online and search (not the fake online business people claiming to make billions when they can’t recharge their phones) you’ll find real people like you and I doing amazing things.

Do you know the most exciting thing about this industry?

It is built on TECHNOLOGY so it constantly EVOLVES.
It never gets OLD and the market will never get OVER-SATURATED.

There’s really nothing to worry about. Our book internet marketing book THE SECRET ONLINE SALES CODE also covers everything that you need to know to kick-start your business online adequately.

You can as well get that with some of our kick-ass marketing software.
For everything you need to succeed professionally we’ve got them locked down for you.

So like I was saying, one of those misconceptions that we Nigerians have about MAKING MONEY ONLINE are:

1. We think that BLOGGING is a business.

2. We think that P2P DONATION PLATFORMS are financial empowerment opportunities.

3. We think that Network Marketing is an ONLINE BUSINESS, hence when you attain a certain position in it, you’re made for life and remains so.

I was once a top shot in network marketing until I discovered it holds no future for me (except I own the company).

So if you must do network marketing, be the owner or at least be among the foundational team.

Therefore, I would rightly say that network marketing is not an ONLINE BUSINESS; and only a business to its owners.

4. We believe that ONLINE GAMBLING (you know some of them) where you can use N100 to win N200,000 or use N6000 to win N12,000,000 is an ONLINE BUSINESS… Lol wake up! You’re only searching for something called THE INTERNET FOOL’S GOLD.

5. We believe that there is a software that makes money for people online especially on Facebook (on autopilot). So we begin to waste our hard-earned money on all kinds of garbage and junks online hoping to pull money off them; but those will only leave us poorer than we met them.

Do not be deceived building a true business online is not that easy.

Sometimes it’ll be hard, tiring and highly demanding; but who here wants to do the easy stuffs?

Who wants to be ordinary just like every ordinary person?

Who want to do stuffs that are not mentally challenging and financially rewarding in some unusual ways?

I have decided to help all those who are willing to do something remarkable for their lives.

To help them build that dream business or push that special skill/ and talent for the world to see.

To let your voice get heard

Nothing is impossible

So if you have any physical products to sell, or digital products, or special skills/ talents; or services you’ll simply want to offer online for cash rewards, we can help you turn that into a lucrative business online.

If you’re also very confused on how exactly to start, you can inbox me afterwards

If you already own an existing business/ company but simply would like to increase your profits, you can as well talk to us. We can lead you by the hand to success or work with you towards achieving your goals.

Thanks for reading, go ahead and implement.

Again, nothing is impossible!

Patience Ekle



Thank you for connecting with me, for this I’m deeply grateful.My name is Patience Ekle. I’m the Founder- Pekle Africa Brand ( as well as #Pekle ‘Online’ Academy; a Business Consultant, Brand Commuication Expert, Digital/ Social Media Marketing Strategist, & Writer. I’m a full-time online entrepreneur with passion focused around delivering key skills to young people on “How To Make Money Online”, build ‘Authority’ online; and master how to create winning products from their individual skills and abilities. Join my study group here if you’re concerned about growth and making some meaningful connections:

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