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Talk about Affiliate marketing, lots of folks know next to nothing about it; worse of all, they’re not aware of the fact that this is one of the most legit ways of making money online.

Secondly, I also want something highly interactive which you can always have access to anytime.


This is not ALL STORIES without a working approach.

I’ll be teaching you in practical steps exactly how you can make money as an affiliate marketer online..

Before I start, let me tell you something very important. Write this down.

To make money online, you must satisfy these three principles:

  • What to sell= Product
  • Where to sell= Sales page
  • Who to sell to= Traffic

ProductSales pageTraffic

These are the three code words for making money online through whatever channel that you find most comfortable; not excluding AFFILIATE MARKETING also.

Forget whatever you have been told.

Forget what you’ve learnt.

Forget what you’ve heard about MAKING MONEY ONLINE.

The above three principle are the eternal laws guiding MAKING MONEY and MAKING MONEY ONLINE.

To make money, MONEY MUST EXCHANGE HANDS…from one person to another person.


There are four (4) major steps to starting up your Affiliate Marketing Business from anywhere in the world; and they’re:

1. Choosing your Niche
2. Building your Platform
3. Creating and growing your Audience
4. Identifying your product/s of choice on your choice Affiliate Network.

But before I go further, what is AFFILIATE MARKETING?

Affiliate Marketing is a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals.

I will mention a few affiliate networks here now, few of them I’m currently working with.

  • CJ affiliate
  • Amazon Associates
  • JvZoo
  • eBay
  • ShareAsale

Are you set to make money??? Can I get a ‘YES’?

But for now, we’ll be focusing on two major companies: Amazon and Clickbank.

So what exactly do you need to set up your Affiliate marketing business?

How much will it cost?

How long will it take?

The truth is, to do business on these Affiliate network won’t cost you anything as the service is FREE.

So, to address the above questions, Almost every Affiliate Marketing company is free to do business with.

But like I said earlier, you’ll need to have four things in place.

1. Choosing your Niche
2. Building your Platform
3. Creating and growing your Audience
4. Identifying your product/s of choice on your choice Affiliate Network

NicheWhat kind of market do you wish to sell in?

Markets don’t exist in the real sense, it is people that creates markets.

So what kind of problem do you see and wish to solve? This will determine the kind of product/s that you’ll have to settle for as an Affiliate and the kind of market you need to sell in or create for yourself.

Consider the following:


These are broad markets and you must have to niche them down to meet your areas of strength.

This must have to tally with your passion and sometimes skills too; otherwise you might not really go very far in the business.

After you’ve done the above, you wil have to set up your own platform. To make money online, you must own a platform.

For example, I’m on Facebook, it’s independent platform because it’s not 100% mine. We can all wake up tomorrow to see that the platform has been shut down; and there is little or nothing that anyone of us can do about it.

So let me mention some of the platforms that you’ll need in your marketing basket.

💯 These will never fail. #1. Facebook group. #2. Facebook Page. #3. Instagram Business Profile. #4. Linkedin Expert Page. Twitter Account. #6. Pinterest #7. Delicious. #8. A personal website (belonging to you).

Are you following me?

So, remember I mention 4 things earlier

1. Choose your Niche
2. Build your Platform
3. Create and Grow your Audience
4. Create your product/s

The next thing you must do is to move to #3

After building your platform, you need to build and grow your audience for your platform and business but how do you build that platform?

Simple: You’ll have to create all the social media accounts first, then channel them to your website. This in turn will make your website a center-piece that will host all those external platforms. So in the end, all your traffic coming in from Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Google+ etc will be filtered into your website.

What exactly is this TRAFFIC?

The traffic is the human beings….the good people of Nigeria, Africa and other 6 continents of the world that you can connect with. These people are the people that will be buying from your affiliate offers for you to earn a commission.

Where are they coming to meet you to make such purchases? In your bedroom or kitchen?


  • They’ll meet you here on the internet through your website, social media and your presence on major search engines. What would you need to set up that website?

Simple: A domain name and hosting account. After that the next thing you must do is to go to #4. which is to create your account on your Affiliate Network of choice and thereafter, locate a product to market. Even here in Nigeria, you can make so much from Jumia Affiliate offers

I mean you can earn 6-figures from Jumia alone if you don’t want to be involved in foreign companies.

Apart from these, you’ll need two other things.

#1. A Payment processing account eg payoneer, skrill, paypal etc.

But I use Paypal and Payoneer

#2. You also need a marketing account as well as a functional Adsense account to earn from your website.

Are you ready now?

I want to show you exactly what to do from here.

This is the practical part of the training.

Go here and download Globus VPN: 

Or check for it on your playstore. You will use this to always access your clickbank account (always).

Afterwards, go to:

This is where you’ll get your products to market but before these two, you need a Nigerian verified paypal account, an Adsense account and your website; but you can start first with your website and paypal.

This my company can help you with if you’re willing to proceed with the business.

I will also teach those who would like to sell on Jumia Nigeria as well especially in this coming festive season.

So hit me inbox; if you’re willing to start your Affiliate marketing business immediately.

We’ll be drawing the curtains here.

Patience Ekle

For: Pekle Africa


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