Identifying Hidden Business Opportunities Online

Before we go any further, I must let you know that recognizing hidden business opportunities and making money online is EASY.

This is where a lot of people miss it. They believe that becoming a MILLIONAIRE from doing a business online and identifying hidden business opportunities online is a feat that only aliens from outer space or Oyinbo people can achieve.

There is no impossibility in internet marketing.

I want you never to forget these, just in case you forget every other thing that you’ll be learning from this platform:

1. The internet market place can never be over-saturated.

2. It is not going to fade away (at least not in the next 100 years).

3. It’s the frame-work upon which the 21st century business economy is built.

4. It knows no boundaries.

5. It respect no race, religion, status, etc.

6. It is the POWER! to do the impossible in today’s world.

7. Everyone can create a unique market here.

…let’s stop here with the possibilities first.

Having this in mind, it is highly imperative that we now look deeper into some basic internet marketing truth in order to find answers to some of our questions that has beclouded our minds and kept us grounded for some time now.

Truth #1. For you to make money online, YOU MUST SELL SOMETHING.

Truth #2. For you to SELL something, you must position yourself and brand for TRAFFIC.

Truth #3. People BUY from those who they know, love and trust.

Truth #4. People hate being SOLD TO.

Truth #5. Your business is the PEOPLE, your profit is hidden inside PEOPLE’S PROBLEM.

Truth #6.Your PROFITS will come from the meaningful and healthy relationships that you create and maintain between you and your prospects and customers.

Therefore, in the online market place, VALUE= MONEY.

So, how do we then find meaningful business ideas to build our economic empires online?


So in order to get that all figured out, there are certain signals we need to look out for when building a business online.

1. Is it Legal?
2. Is it profitable?
3. Is it durable?
4. Is it scalable (can you grow it)?
5. Is it transferable?
6. Does it have an asset base?

This little key information will help us discover what kind of businesses that will be right for us and exactly who such businesses are meant for (buying customers).

Once you have the answers to the above… Then you’re set to dive in deeper.

Now, in order to create your business, you must first ask yourself:

1. Who are my customers?

2. Where do they live?

3. What are their interests?

4. What do they normally do?

5. Where do they usually go to?

The next:

1. Who is your business designed for?

2. Who will help you?

3. What tools do you need to start?

4. What location would you need for the business?

5. What area do you intend to cover?

6. Who will work with you?


So, for your business ideas…I need you to start thinking right now.

Pastor Chris Oyahkilome PhD is the biggest internet marketer in Nigeria and Africa by extension.

We have others like Pastor Sam Adeyemi, Bishop David Oyedepo, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, Pastor Mathew Ashimolowo etc

What exactly do these men sell?
INFORMATION packaged as CDs, books, daily devotionals, subscription to their online paid platforms, sticker, wristbands etc. If you think the bulk of their money comes only through tithes and offerings, then think again!

The key is to be sure that whatever you’re selling is solving a problem and delivering on your brand promises, that
way you’ll always have a line up of customers waiting to buy your product and that will have you smiling all the way to the bank every time.

For example, you are a barber. And a very good barber at that, one that people respect a lot.

You can gather all your wealth experience as Lord of the clippers, then turn that into a video, audio or an eBook.

You can make a 50-page book dealing with the most embarrassing problem that people encounter from visiting barbers which is: BUMPS

Do some introductory video on that problem, get products your sure that treats it, research and get expert advice on it, build a website to catalogue all your information concerning this business, run you publicity then sit down and watch.

eCom Stores (you can render this as a service top clients).

Now, with the wide expansions recorded worldwide in the internet market place orchestrated by the astronomical growth from people pumping raw cash into the industry, many people selling physical products and or even those trying to get into the physical product business now require a virtual market of their own to rightly deliver message, products or services to their targeted audience.

There are millions of potential clients seeking for someone to help them brand and build systems like this. Eg: vconnect is there; and you won’t believe the amount of transactions that exchanges hands daily on that platform.

Software as a service (Saas)

What if you can build software that carries out some specific functions? Or even convert people’s content like books into mobile apps?

You’ve never thought of this before now.

How much does it cost to learn how to build android apps? How long does it take to achieve that?

Or maybe you’re not aware of how much that is passing through that very market?

Now, what if you’re a trader, you own a boutique, a grocery store, you sell food stuffs in large quantities, you own a bookshop, you have a stationary shop, you’re a building contractor, a make-up artist, etc?

What if you’re a professional…

Say an Accountant, Lawyer, Architect, Musician (trained), Computer Engineer, Doctor, Writer, Economist, A visual Artist etc?

Then this one is for you.

Build an authority website to sell your skills as a service.

This will offer you several opportunities to earn massively through diverse means like:

Affiliate marketing
Email marketing
Direct selling
Digital product sales


What again did Linda Ikeji read in school?

What’s the source of her wealth?

That tiny Blog?

The pretty lady is currently rated above $12,000,000 in assets currently.

Can I blow your mind now???

She’s not deep into information technology IT.

She’s not a programming wizard (say programming witch for a woman lolzzz)

She also doesn’t write like Wole Soyinka.

So what am I saying?


You don’t need to know it all before you start.

Few years ago, I started network marketing business.

I went into it blindly as a total novice.

But do you know what?

I learnt the business in the business.

I built a 30,000 member capacity organization within 2 years as a novice.

I learnt how to run the business inside the business. You can not achieve anything from the outside. You must have to venture into it fully.

Do not be afraid to make mistakes.

Do not be shy

Do not think of what people will say.

Throw away your shame and get into the business.

Tell people about what business you’ve started.

I personally do branding online, run consultancy services and premium coaching programs online.

I started this whole business as a complete novice.

I made mistakes too.

It wasn’t easy from the beginning as well.

But I had to just learn and apply that which I was taught.

And today, the story is completely different.

So don’t look at it as something difficult or a business reserved for internet gurus.

I never knew that it was possible to consistently make sales online here in Nigeria until I ventured into this business.

Mind you, I don’t sell pepper or crayfish online. All I sell is coaching, branding and ebooks; and it’s been amazing.

Mind-blowing you may say right?


Thank you for connecting with me, for this I’m deeply grateful.My name is Patience Ekle. I’m the Founder- Pekle Africa Brand ( as well as #Pekle ‘Online’ Academy; a Business Consultant, Brand Commuication Expert, Digital/ Social Media Marketing Strategist, & Writer. I’m a full-time online entrepreneur with passion focused around delivering key skills to young people on “How To Make Money Online”, build ‘Authority’ online; and master how to create winning products from their individual skills and abilities. Join my study group here if you’re concerned about growth and making some meaningful connections:

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